May 18, 2014

Employee's profile: Tuba Aksu

Tuba Aksu is our Customer Service Representative based in the GWS Turkey office.
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Tuba Aksu is our Customer Service Representative based in the GWS Turkey office.

1. What do you love about your Job?

As a customer service representative I am in charge of the orders from the beginning until the end, when the goods are received at the customer’s warehouse. It’s very satisfying to be responsible of the whole procedure. It’s not a task that you keep repeating without seeing a result.
My job requires a combination of communication and operations. I love working on the details of the daily operations just as much as I love communicating with our customers and colleagues.
Being a customer service representative in GWS is challenging and fulfilling.

2.What do you think about working at GWS?

 GWS is truly a global company not just because it’s present in many different countries in the world, but also because of the way it operates.  I work in Istanbul – Turkey but in my daily work I speak with my colleagues from all around the world. It’s a great opportunity to get to know different cultures. Although we all work from different countries we are a real team, we work together, we solve problems together, we share our ideas, but also we share some jokes. The company meetings we have every year are very productive and interesting. It’s also where we have the chance to meet face to face with our colleagues and know each other better.


In GWS, every work is valued, every employee respected. It’s a very flexible working environment where there are always opportunities to build your career.

3. Which are your hobbies? Or any other things you like to do after work?

My husband and son don’t like staying at home on weekends, so we spent most of our free time outside. We love nature and museums. In Istanbul there is always something new to see or something old that I love visiting again and again. We have a book of “101 things to do in Istanbul before you die”, and it seems there are still many things that we need to do. We are trying to do them all. But sometimes we also spend our weekends visiting other cities.

 When I’m at home I like knitting and crocheting. Most of time I start many different projects without finishing them, I think knitting is the best therapy. I also enjoy reading manga (Japanese comic books), I even wrote some fan fictions for some of them! I took guitar lessons for almost a year and can play some songs but I’m not really a professional yet either. Still I enjoy playing some Elvis Presley songs when no one is around.