Jun 16, 2014

Customer's 40 Anniversary: Bomohsa

The company was founded in 1974. They starting importing Goulds pumps and Lombardini diesel motors.
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Bomohsa was founded in 1974, when they started importing Goulds pumps and Lombardini diesel motors. Ever since they have been a market leader for pumping systems in Honduras, while they also grew in the pumping industry in the rest of Central America. They were the first one to introduce variable speed in pumping in the region. 

Nowadays they have already 40 years of experience with pumping systems. BOMOHSA stands for innovation, quality and certified technical service. They operate according to ISO 9001 that guarantee their quality at all times.

Since its foundation, Bomohsa understood the needs of water for residential applications in Honduras. Goulds Pumps has been their leading product in serving this market. However, BOMOHSA has always sought to have a product for every need and circumstances. Nowadays BOMOHSA participates in most of the pumping projects in Honduras. They cover 5 markets residential, agricultural, commercial, municipal and industrial. In the commercial sector they provide pumping systems for commercial buildings, hotels, Malls among other public buildings. Nowadays about 95% of hotels chains in Honduras count with a pumping system provided by BOMOHSA.  In the agricultural sector they offer a wide range of products for irrigating. Among other sector like industrial and municipal and are always searching for a way to supply the customer’s needs bringing the best products they can offer. Recently because of their anniversary they remodelled their installations to bring a nicer atmosphere to the employees and customers.

GWS is proud of being part of Bomohsa's success and in this opportunity of their 40th anniversary we want to congratulate them.