Aug 18, 2014

Who says you have to dress up for a product seminar!

Last month GWS Taiwan journeyed deep into the mountains for a day of team building and fun.
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Last month GWS Taiwan journeyed deep into the mountains for a day of team building and fun.  Our team building activity took us on a thrilling river tracing adventure, where communication was essential as we worked together to traverse the rapids and make it to the top of the falls. Many folks brought their families along and while most of the adults explored the upper reaches of the river, the kids spent the entire morning engaged in a water gun shootout!

Following the morning events, the group divided up cooking duties and worked together to prepare a gourmet BBQ feast, with everybody taking turns at the grill to show off their culinary skills!  We finished up the day on a more serious note and conducted an internal product seminar, covering products such as our SpringTech Vortech™ media tanks, One™ Cartridge Tanks and Filters, 2nd Generation PumpWave™ pump controller, and our latest offering, the GWS Proline™ drop pipes for deep well applications.  Ordinarily seminar attendees come dressed in coat and tie, but for this very special outdoor seminar shorts and t-shirts were the attire of choice!


Jason Wang said, “Well we all got soaked!, but it was a great opportunity for us to form closer relationships with colleagues from other departments.  I really think it was a great day of bonding and I found out we actually have a lot in common and more to talk about than just work!”


Overall it was a wonderful day out, and while most of us showed up from different departments, we all left as a team!