Jul 15, 2015

GWS Salt Free Water Conditioner

The Global Water Solutions One Cartridge Series opens up an endless series of opportunities
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The Global Water Solutions One Cartridge Series opens up an endless series of opportunities. One of our UK customers recently experimented with the White cartridge, and created a Salt Free Water Conditioner system that got very positive results!  

The Salt Free Water Conditioner reduces and eliminates scale formation on internal and external plumbing surfaces as well as spotting and streaking, by transforming the normal dissolved hardness minerals into undissolved crystal micro-particles. These crystals stay suspended in the water. Unlike traditional conditioners, the Salt Free Water Conditioner maintains the beneficial essential mineral content of the water and is safe to drink.

The proposed Salt Free Water Conditioner can be installed as a Point-Of-Entry system to treat all the water flowing to the property without any requirement to replenish with salt nor any need for regenerating, thus saving money and returning the water to the local water company in its supplied state (not in a concentrated salt state).

Customer Testimonial

 The system has been installed now for 2 months and we are finding no hard scale at all. The shower is very clean and the soap is lathering up really well. We are in fact finding the old lime scale is slowly being removed, which is an added bonus.

One thing we have noticed, is with the old conditioner installed our dog would not drink the water, when we installed the GWS Salt Free Water Conditioner the dog can’t get enough of the water. Again another added bonus.