Aug 13, 2015

Employee Profile: Gonzalo Monge

Gonzalo Monge is Regional Director for Latin America and works in the GWS office in Costa Rica. 

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Gonzalo Monge is Regional Director for Latin America and works in the GWS office in Costa Rica.

1. Why do you love your job?

  As Regional Director for Latin America I constantly face new challenges that test my ability to adapt to change. It is impossible to be bored in this business due to the changing market we live in.  The region itself, full of culture, richness and idiosyncrasy, makes us all learn different ways of doing business depending on the city and the country. It is clearly different doing business in Argentina than in Guatemala.  Getting to know these cultures and their people, becoming friends with my customers and making enduring friendships is what makes me love my job.   

Right now the region is going through a process of change. Some countries are being driven to new ordeals, politically and economically. We try to find new ways of supporting our customers and face the market changes with a positive attitude knowing that we are part of the Group that manufactures the best quality tank in the world.

2.   What do you think about working at GWS?

 I’ve been with the company for almost 10 years (December 1st 2005). During this time I’ve seen the company’s growth and I feel very proud of my colleagues and our accomplishments. Selling pressure tanks might seem as a non-difficult task due to the simplicity of the product. Some customers perceive tanks as a luxury, an accessory, not realizing the importance of the product. This perception represented a challenge and, from the beginning, we decided to demonstrate why GWS is the best option compared to many companies older than us. We gave a new option and started changing the customers view by visiting them on a regular basis, doing seminars where many people thought it was impossible to talk about tanks and explained their importance. Today our reputation is a result of our efforts, hard work and ability to change the business perspective making us a unique company.

3.   What are your hobbies? Or any other things you like to do after work. 

During my free time I enjoy cooking. It is a passionate hobby and I like it very much as I have always considered life to be like a good dish. It doesn’t matter the salt, the bitterness or the sweetness involved, at the end what matters is the delight of a delicious meal, which is similar to enjoying life!