Aug 13, 2015

Advancements in Pressure Tank Technology – Reinforced Connection Plate

Global Water Solutions continues to lead the way in advancing pressure tank technology!


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Global Water Solutions continues to lead the way in advancing pressure tank technology!

GWS's unique Reinforced Connection Plate (RCP) technology has been developed to avoid material failures at the connection of inline tanks when directly installed on pumps. Due to the vibration of the pump a tank mounted directly on a pump is exposed to a forced vibration that can eventually result in vibration fatigue around the area of the welding line between connection and tank shell. 

Understanding this issue we have developed our reinforced connection plate.  The RCP allows us to use a thicker welding line which reduces stress on the connection as the vibration forces are transmitted to the outer circumference of the plate. The RCP's larger circumference limits the stress on the connection and improves reliability of the connection.

The RCP feature also helps to reduce the chance of a connection cracking due to an unknowing installer using the tank as a handle to pick up and move the whole pump set.  Having said that, we strongly recommend to avoid using the tank as a handle.  It is also suggested to always ship inline tanks separately and only mount them on pump sets after the pump equipment has been installed on site.

As the RCP is a patented feature, you will only find this technology on GWS PressureWave™ and Max™ series inline tanks from 8L to 35L, including both our BSP and NPT models.  Next time you have an inline tank in front of you take a look at the data label and note the configuration code which will point out the RCP feature.

Lastly the RCP offers a visible distinction between GWS inline models and the competition.  GWS’s OEM customers, distributors and dealers can easily point out this feature and explain the benefit to potential customers that are curious about what makes GWS pressure tanks standout against the competition.  The RCP is instantly recognizable and will help sales people to explain how GWS tanks incorporate better designs that distinguish GWS from the rest.