Sep 14, 2015

Employee’s profile: Stuart Cooper

Stuart Cooper is Regional Manager for Africa and works in the GWS office in South Africa.

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Stuart Cooper is Regional Manager for Africa and works in the GWS office in South Africa.

  1.Why do you love your job?

Working in GWS as a General Manager and handling the African continent is challenging at times, but a varied position allowing a person the ability to develop and grow within the company and organization as a person and gain experience along the way. Most of all, being allowed the flexibility to make your own decisions to a certain level and literally being left to carry on with the job that you were employed to do. This creates a sense of ownership and does add to the performance and commitment of us all at GWS. Assistance in any avenue is always at hand and the transfer of information is almost immediate albeit that we are all so widespread across the globe.   

3.   What do you think about working at GWS?

Working at GWS enhances and allows for an entrepreneurial culture and growth of the company in South Africa, the African continent and the world as a whole, is imminent. We have an absolutely fantastic product, which is unsurpassed by any of our competitors. GWS has the flexibility to allow for change and we are a company that embraces the “represented globally, but acting locally” philosophy. Colleagues from all corners of the earth are always at hand and willing to help wherever possible and certainly do go out of their way to do so when called upon. The sharing of information and experiences from all countries makes us truly a global organization with experiences in countries being transferred to all that may assist in a particular scenario to do with water treatment being solved.   

3.   What are your hobbies? Or any other things you like to do after work.

I am very family orientated and enjoy spending quality time with family as these are the people that back us and also put up with the times that we travel, come home late and of course that stand by us when away from home etc. It is therefore very important to me that there is a healthy family as well as work life seeing that both do go hand in hand. In life there needs to be a balance on everything.

AS for hobbies, well most of my spare time is taken up by doing renovations and upgrades to our house at this time. Once again, I also deem it important to be happy in the home you are in and make it as comfortable as possible for the time that you do spend there.

5.   Anything else you want to add?

There are a lot of companies that could take a leaf out of the GWS book in the way that we work and get things done… I am sure they will find that there is no need to have “ivory towers” etc… just get down and do the job that needs to be done.