Oct 15, 2015

ARCA AMERICA Auto Caravan uses GWS PressureWave Tanks

ARCA introduced their new model auto caravan called "America".
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ARCA introduced their new model auto caravan called "America". With its innovative and futuristic designs, this new model has all the latest features in terms of efficiency and savings, making it the new industry standard.

Prior to launching the "America", ARCA's R&D team had been looking for a solution to save energy by reducing the number of membrane pump starts in the caravan's water system.  After extensive testing, GWS's PressureWave tanks were approved and are now installed in all ARCA "America" caravans. Not only does the tank help save energy but it also reduces noise, as it limits the noisy membrane pump from starting every time a drop of water is used, allowing campers everywhere to get a good night's rest.

The "America" caravan was officially launched at the International Auto Caravan Exhibitions recently held in Parma, Italy; Paris, France and Dusseldorf, Germany.

Be on the lookout for GWS PressureWave models which will likely be listed in the new ARCA EURO ACCESSORIES catalogue for the after-sales market.