Oct 15, 2015

Latin American Customers Visit GWS US Factory

At GWS we are very proud of the endurance and quality of our products.
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At GWS we are very proud of the endurance and quality of our products. This is only achievable by having excellent manufacturing processes and stringent testing. This is the reason why we invite our customers to visit our factories and see for themselves what is behind each tank.   


In September we were honored to host customers from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia and Costa Rica for a factory tour in our Randolph, Massachusetts facility.  This marked the first time where our customers brought their own customers from Latin America to visit our facility to learn more about our production techniques and strict quality controls. The participants were impressed with the cleanliness and layout of our manufacturing plant. They learned all about the processes used for producing our signature steel and composite pressure tanks. Many of them were highly impressed by the robotics used in manufacturing the steel and composite tanks and the efficiency of the process. 


But what caught their attention the most was our production and postproduction quality controls and in particular the destructive burst chamber where we make our steel tanks burst at a minimum safety factor of 3 times the maximum operation pressure.  Our composite tanks have a minimum burst safety factor of 5 times the maximum operation pressure. This steel burst chamber located in our lab area is one of the star attractions of the tour. If you have never visited our factories we urge you to come and see for yourself why we are the world’s highest quality pressure tank manufacturer!