Jan 18, 2016

Agua Dulce Beach Resort

In Costa Rica, we came across this almost 10-year-old GWS steel pressure tank.

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Posted by: Sjoerd

In the South Pacific area of Costa Rica, about a 5 hour drive from San Jose, in the beautiful area of Puerto Jimenez.  There sits a small hotel called the Agua Dulce Beach Resort which is home to GWS steel pressure tanks installed in their pump stations. According to Juan, the Maintenance Manager, the tanks were installed in 2007 and have worked continuously without any complaints or service maintenance. In his words, it has been the best decision to install our tanks. Even when the original pumps were replaced the tanks have remained exactly the same as the first day they were installed. We want to thank the hotel for their confidence in our products and it is very comforting to know the Agua Dulce Beach Resort sees GWS as the best decision made.

GWS tank at Agua Dulce Beach Resort

Agua Dulce Beach Resort