Feb 15, 2016

Global Water Solutions Turkey - Marketing Update

Global Water Solutions Turkey talks about the marketing activities for this year. Find out more.
Category: News
Posted by: Sjoerd

Global Water Solutions Turkey is set to speed up its marketing activities on social media, network marketing and during exhibitions in 2016. GWS Turkey will begin advertising in an important HVAC magazine throughout the year starting in March. The focus will be on pressure tanks and water treatment systems. We will address the problems of the industry, identify the disadvantages of conventional systems and offer solutions from GWS’s innovative product range.

For network marketing and social media we have activated the GWS Turkish Website and we are working with a professional consultant for Facebook and Twitter associated marketing activities. We are now posting on social media regularly about various topics which include our products and applications, distributors in Turkey and a broad range of information about water quality issues affecting Turkey and the greater region.

As one of the many exhibitions we are going to attend, we will participate in the ISK SODEX 2016 Expo. GWS Turkey will offer new products and systems to visitors and meet with potential and existing customers. We are also planning to join and visit several other shows in different regions of Turkey and Central Asia including Ankara, Nicosia and Baku. GWS Turkey is and remains the strongest and most visionary player in the market!