Mar 21, 2016

Technical Publications in Turkey

GWS Turkey has published its first article in a series of six, in one of Turkey's leading water industry journals.
Category: News
Posted by: Sjoerd

Being the pressure tank industry’s leader in terms of certifications and technical background knowledge, GWS Turkey has started to publish a new series of technical articles in one of Turkey’s most-read journals in the water industry. Pompa&Vana is being published six times a year and read by many of the leaders of the related sectors.

For the February/March 2016 issue of the magazine Yigit, our territory manager, prepared an article about our new OneStopTM anti-scale system which will efficiently and without the use of electricity protects pipes, faucets and other appliances from scale building. He explains in detail the advantages of the “TAC Technology” (Template Assisted Crystallization) and guides the reader through the processes that occur during the conditioning of the water. This article was Yigit’s first one in 2016 and there are 5 more to come. Keep up the good work, Yigit!

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