Mar 21, 2016

Employee Profile: Crystal Zhou

Crystal Zhou, our Global Purchasing Manager talks about her job and hobbies.
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Posted by: Sjoerd

Why do you love your job?

I love my job as purchaser even it is not a relaxing job, because:

  1. Challenge: In the whole supply chain, purchasing is very challenging work, which means I have to face different problems and pressure every day, for example, price negotiation, quality problem, delivery problems etc. This job brings a lot of fulfillment and happiness also to my life. Success brings a strong sense of identity, and failure will push me to self-evaluate and improve.
  2. Knowledge and Open-mindedness: We are very normal to face new purchase tasks which may be very new, so this job pushes me to study new information and learn very quickly. Also as a purchaser, I need to face different people and communicate to obtain different information which means I need to have a very open mind to understand and accept different individuals & cultures.

What do you think about working at GWS?

  1. Industry Prospect:  GWS products are in the water treatment industry, which is a sunrise business for the future decade ahead, resources like water are surely to be more in focus by people and governments.
  2. Company Brand: GWS products are all top level brands and I am very lucky to work in such a world class company.
  3. Team Work: GWS is a real global company and we have an excellent working relationship.
  4. Working Experience: With over 13 years of purchasing experience, I am very happy that I can apply my skills in GWS global purchasing work, examples being supplier management, procedures and negotiation etc. And especially in the past 5 years, I worked in a seawater desalination project.  This is also in the water industry, and it really matches with my career planning.

What are your hobbies? Or any other things you like to do after work.

  1. Cook
  2. Play Sports
  3. Watch Movies
  4. Eat Delicious Food