Jun 20, 2016

Employee Profile: Joshua Horsley

Joshua Horsley, Warehouse Representative in our South Africa subsidiary talks about his job and hobbies.
Category: News
Posted by: Sjoerd
1.  Why do you love your job?

I started working for GWS in June 2015 as the Warehouse Representative with not much knowledge of the position as it was my first job in my life! New challenges keep me busy and even more so as we are growing at a rate we almost cannot keep up with, which is a good thing. I enjoy learning new things in and around the industry we are in and also about my position in the company.

2.  What do you think about working at GWS?

I find it very interesting and the products are excellent. I still have a lot to learn, not only regarding some of the products but also the working environment as I have only matriculated at the end of 2014.  I receive a lot of support and although I still have a lot to learn, Stuart never turns me down when I ask for help  He also never says something is done wrong without giving a reason for me to understand.  This gives me comfort and security in working for GWS.

3.  What are your hobbies? Or any other things you like to do after work.

After hours I go home, get changed and go to the gym. That is during the week as I have limited time to do anything else. On weekends I see my friends and we usually go out somewhere or have a braai outside. Sometimes we even play some rugby just to have some fun. I also like family activities like going to the movies or even just having some family time at home, or visiting other family members and spending time with them.

4.  Anything else you want to add?

I would like to thank Stuart who made it possible for me to work here and the rest of the GWS staff, local & international for the support I receive. GWS is truly a remarkable group and one BIG family. I would also like everybody to know how honored I feel to have been able to meet everyone at the recent company meeting in South Africa.