Aug 17, 2016

White International chooses All-Weather™ series for seaside project

White International uses All-Weather™ tanks in pump system built to withstand harsh seaside conditions.
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Posted by: Sjoerd

GWS’ New Zealand based distributor, White International, has built a pump set for a local project in Beachlands, an outer suburb of Auckland. The system has been designed to deliver a maximum of 90m3 at an operating pressure of 7 Bar. As you can see in the photos, two All-Weather AWB-24LX tanks have been chosen for this system as the installation site is in a coastal area and the customer requested materials that are built to withstand the harsh seaside conditions.  GWS All-Weather tanks incorporate a steel tank rated at 10 bar which is encapsulated in a rugged polypropylene shell to protect the tank from corrosion in tough environmental conditions such as coastal areas, deserts and mine sites to name a few. For more information, click here or contact your local GWS representative.