Nov 21, 2016

Taiwan Aqua Expo

Global Water Solutions and TankPAC Industries welcomes many international visitors at their Taiwan Aqua Expo stand.
Category: News
Posted by: Sjoerd

This past month Global Water Solutions participated in the Taiwan Aqua Expo with local sister company TankPAC Industries. On display were the full range of tanks from the HydroGuard™ 160cc shock arrestors to the 450L Challenger™ series tanks.  We also displayed specialty tanks including the 2L Tube tanks, Mixmaster™ baffle tanks, and the ever popular TankPAC™ RO storage tanks.  We also had the entire portfolio of water treatment products on display including the full line of Purefer™ filter housings and cartridges, the One™ Cartridge Tank and Filters as well as the OneStop Plus™ range.

We were honored to receive and present our products to many visitors from China, New Zealand, the Philippines, the Middle East, and many other countries.  Event organizers advised that foreign visitors were up more than 50% compared to the previous year. We look forward to hosting even more international guests in the years to come!