Apr 27, 2017

FlowThru™ inline adaptor

GWS releases their easy to install FlowThru™ inline adaptor which ensures maximum circulation of water in the tank
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Posted by: Sjoerd


Global Water Solutions is pleased to announce the FlowThru™ inline adaptor; compatible with GWS inline tanks with 1" connection. The FlowThru™ inline adaptor is uniquely designed to ensure maximum circulation in the tank while assuring low pressure drop in the main pipe. The fitting easily mates with the tank and the insert redirects water through the pressure tank, eliminating the possibility of stagnant water during normal system operation and reducing the risk of water-borne diseases like Legionnaires disease. Featuring multiple orientations for installation, it eliminates the risk of leaking or overtightened connections.

The FlowThru™ inline adaptor is compatible with GWS inline pressure tanks with 1” connection from our PressureWave™, Max™, UltraMax™, M-Inox™ and All-Weather™ series.