Mar 14, 2017

GWS releases OneStop Plus™

GWS releases their new improved OneStop Plus™, now with additional heavy metal reduction abilities.
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Posted by: Sjoerd

An update to the original OneStop™ system, OneStop Plus™ now comes in a large range of sizes; from small 10" housings intended as a point of use device and offering flowrates of 3 LPM or 0.8 GPM up to large SpringTech™ vessels offering flowrates of up to 284 LPM or 75 GPM. OneStop Plus™ now also reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury, zinc and cadmium.

The OneStop Plus™ system is designed to protect open circuit pipes from scaling. It can be installed as a Point Of Entry device, for both cold and hot water, or directly before the apparatus that needs to receive treated water (sauna, espresso machine, dishwasher, washing machine etc.).

OneStop Plus™ avoids scale by interacting with the scale molecules, turning them into harmless crystals (TAC system). These crystals are suspended in the water but do not attach to surfaces and are simply washed away. In this way the scaling on the surfaces and in the pipes is dramatically reduced. OneStop Plus™  is not a softener, it is a water conditioner. The water treated by OneStop Plus™ keeps the original healthful minerals while solving the scaling problems.

GWS offers OneStop Plus™ solutions for both residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Working Principle

  1. The OneStop Plus™ media attracts dissolved calcium carbonate (CaCO3) scale molecules into “Templates” on the media.
  2. The calcium carbonate (CaCO3) scale molecules grow into microscopic crystals.
  3. The crystals detach when they are too large to be held by the OneStop Plus™ media. These harmless crystals effectively isolate the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) scale molecules from the water and anything the water comes in contact with.