Dec 21, 2017

Employee Profile: Graziano Chiappa

We sit down and talk to Graziano Chiappa, who is Country Sales Manager for Italy.
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Posted by: Sjoerd

Employee Profile – Graziano Chiappa

We sit down and talk to Graziano Chiappa, who is Country Sales Manager for Italy

1. Why do you love your job?

I love my job because i’m always in contact with people, having the opportunity to share every day ideas, opinions and also to grow up my personal culture. My job allows me to organize myself which makes every day different. It allows me to achieve and improve results so is never boring at all. But the best thing is that my job is really linked to the results and is great to build and learn new things every day.

2. What do you think about working at GWS?

GWS gave my the opportunity to work in an international atmosphere which is the most important for me, it is motivating and allows me to learn from my colleagues every day. There is a fair competition between us that pushes me to go ahead and for improve my work experience every single day. GWS is a well structured and dynamic company and it makes me feel absolutely proud and happy on working beside a professional team

3. What are your hobbies? Or any other things you like to do after work.

I love the powerlifting and spending my free time in the gym to keep my body in good shape. I enjoy a following a healthy diet. It is also a way that gets me motivated: sacrificing in order to gain satisfying results.

I also like travelling, exploring and meeting new places, people, cultures, as much as i can.

4. Anything else you want to add?

I am really happy and motivated and look further to a great future at GWS’ service.