Purefer™ Filters Housing & Cartridges


Recently Global Water Solutions has further expanded our water treatment product offerings with the new Purefer® Series filter housings and cartridges. After studying traditional filter compatibility issues we have developed a range of products that complement each other in order to help our customers improve their water treatment and purification systems.

We have put extensive effort and resources into developing various injection molding and Purefer™ Filter Housings & Cartridges manufacturing techniques that allow us to break with the industry's traditional reliance on chemicals and additives to produce plastic filter housings and cartridges. Consequently our filter housings and cartridges are made with 100% virgin materials and are capable of with standing high pressures and water hammer effects.

We take great care when selecting materials and enforce rigorous incoming inspections and testing. Each component has been scrutinized to ensure we offer the highest quality products possible. We have also made sure the entire range of products receive NSF certification. All of these steps have been taken to guarantee the safety to both our customers’ health and property!


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