Jul 14, 2014

Employee's profile: Tobias Fenes

Tobias Fenes is our Territory Manager and is  based in the GWS office in Luxembourg .
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1. Why do you love your job?

 As a Territory Manager at GWS travelling is an intensive part of my work. And that´s exactly why I love my job. Being with customers all over my territory helps me to improve my skills and knowledge about the products and applications and last but not least about the people that employ all of us – the customers. Being the connection between our customers and GWS is very challenging, but also very satisfying because I can help them with every single request they have.

2. What do you think about working at GWS?

 I used to work for different companies before and believe me when I say that working at GWS is different to everything else I have experienced before! I have been in a leading position in my old company but I was never as independent as I am at GWS. And that´s something you have to get used to. You need to organize yourself and be highly motivated but if that´s your personality the freedom you enjoy at GWS makes you more efficient and makes you love your job and your company. I am only working here for seven month now but already I feel like a part of a wonderful family where everybody respects and pushes each other. This is due to the way GWS is managed. Giving the people as much freedom as possible, but also being there for the employees in critical situation makes you always feel you can rely on your supervisors. So to cut a long story short taking the chance to work for this great company was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

3. Which are your hobbies? Or any other things you like to do after work?

 As already mentioned I love travelling. So besides the many trips I do for the company I also travel a lot with my wife, step daughter and friends. I enjoy seeing different places, visiting cities and museums, theme parks, concerts or football matches. But I also love to spend time at home with my family just doing “nothing” from time to time. My wife and I like to cook together or go out for a nice dinner. So what ever I do, I never get bored.   

4. Anything else you want to add?

 I would like to thank our customers for all the trust they give us and I am looking forward to the many challenges that will come in the future. And I would also like to thank my colleagues for the great way of working together. I deeply hope to stay a member of the GWS – family for a very long time!