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Innovate, Participate, Collaborate, Lead.

Make a difference.

We take the importance of water as the most precious resource of our planet seriously at GWS. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the quality of the products we offer. In addition, our reputation as a manufacturer is built on our dedication to excellence in all aspects, including our people.

We are proud to participate in the Ecovadis Corporate Sustainability Assessment bi-annually since 2021, receiving the silver medal in October 2020 and January 2023, and excelling in the field of labor & human rights and ethics.

Although we do not have a traditional corporate headquarters, we operate as a single GWS Ltd global umbrella, serving local markets with localized teams to fulfill the specific needs of our customers. Our company structure is decentralized, allowing individuals to voice their opinions and ideas with ease, encouraging flexibility among our talented workforce spanning 100+ markets. With a mixture of culture and talent, our team foster a supportive environment, valuing work-life balance and collaboration.

Our HR department takes pride in ensuring our workplace continues to uphold our unique culture. Every 6 months, we anonymously survey our employees for feedback to maintain an exceptional working environment and support continuous improvement. At GWS, we believe employees must have room to recharge their batteries, leading the way in long-term career opportunities, and offering exceptional job stability.

Our people matter, leading us to carefully screen new hires to align with GWS’s unique culture. Every other year, we host our company meeting for team-building, communication, strategy, and a bit of fun.

If you are passionate about making a true impact and feel you would fit the GWS family, we encourage you to submit your application. We communicate primarily in English, so please include your CV and a brief and meaningful cover letter.

GWS growth is spurring many new positions as GWS opens new subsidiaries and intensifies local support in all major markets globally.

Global Water Solutions Privacy Notice for the job application process

Global Water Solutions Ltd. and all its subsidiaries hereinafter called “Global Water Solutions” collects, uses, and maintains personal data related to the job application process. The personal data provided by applicants is held and processed only for recruitment and selection purposes. For the protection of your data Global Water Solutions will not share any data with third parties unless otherwise indicated. Only where this is indicated affiliated companies as well as contracted service providers will be collecting application data on behalf of Global Water Solutions.  For all affiliated or contracted services, if any, Global Water Solutions will ensure that they have adequate data protection processes and policies in place, compliant with GDPR.

What personal data is Global Water Solutions collecting during the application process?

  • Data submitted in résumés / CVs, emails, letters or other written communication
  • Data generated in interviews based on the conversations via phone, skype or in person
  • Data provided by third-party placement companies where applicable
  • Recommendations provided by others on your behalf

Why does Global Water Solutions process personal data of applicants during the recruitment process?

  • Processing data from job applicants allows Global Water Solutions to manage the recruitment process, assess and confirm a candidate’s suitability for employment and decide to whom they will provide a potential offer.
  • To ensure that Global Water Solutions is complying with legal obligations.
  • The data is collected and processed only for potential recruitment of an applicant and will not be used for any other purpose.

Who will have the access to your personal data? Where are those individuals located?

Global Water Solutions restricts the view of personal data to a small group that is assigned to each application process specifically.

Members of these small groups may be Global Water Solutions employees from the HR team, Managers of the specific business area or subsidiary of the vacancy, IT and Administrative Staff. Global Water Solutions ensures that all data is shared to a small number of people and only if necessary to support the recruitment process.

As Global Water Solutions is a highly internationally working employer, the individuals within this small group may be accessing your data from different countries around the globe. Global Water Solutions ensures that all employees who may access your application have agreed to and have been trained on the Global Water Solutions’ data protection process and the privacy policy for the job application process.

Where is Global Water Solutions storing your personal data?

Data provided will be stored in a range of different places, including but not limited to recruitment records, HR management systems and other IT systems (including email). Data can also be stored on IT systems which are based outside the EU. For all data Global Water Solutions ensures that an adequate level of data protection is in place and that those systems comply with GDPR.

How long does Global Water Solutions keep your personal data?

Global Water Solutions keeps all application data on file for the duration of the recruitment process. If your application is unsuccessful your data will be deleted 6 months after receiving your application. If we intend to extend the period that your data is to be kept, we will ask for your consent. You can withdraw your consent on provided data at any time by sending us an email to Please note that if you request us to delete your data before the end of our recruitment process or you do not consent to the extension, you will automatically be removed from any further application processes.

For any other request of verification, modification or deletion of your application data please send an email to

How does Global Water Solutions protect your data?

Global Water Solutions has implemented organizational and technical processes and policies on security to protect your data from unauthorised access, misuse or loss.

Any third-party suppliers that work with Global Water Solutions that may have access to your personal data are required to have similar security procedures in place.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or request about the personal data you have submitted, or if you want us to correct or delete the data you have provided, please contact


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