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100% natural beneficial microorganisms

BioWave™ BR-O

BioWave™ BR-O is comprised of a versatile team of several dozen unique strains of fresh, viable and 100% naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms which make  he product a friend of the environment. The beneficial microbes thrive by  ccelerating the biological degradation of human and animal waste. Using BioWave  R-O will unleash the power of nature to enhance your wastewater management  processes.

BioWave blends have sophisticated appetites allowing them to degrade both common and difficult compounds very efficiently. Furthermore, they are resilient to  many toxic compounds due to their ability to not only survive in their presence but  actually degrade them. Using these beneficial microorganisms for treating  wastewater can greatly enhance the overall efficiencies of the operation and have a favorable environmental impact.



BioWave™ BR-O house 1867187 1280

Domestic and commercial wastewater treatment

When applied in domestic or commercial wastewater collection systems such as septic tanks in homes, hotels, shopping malls, military bases, labor camps etc., BioWave™ BR-O leads to a significant reduction of odour and a reduction of sludge volume, which enhances the performance of the septic tank system and optimizes drain field use of the effluent.

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Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment

Apart from significant odour and sludge reduction, in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, BioWave™ BR-O optimizes the reduction of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and TSS (Total Suspended Solids) values which leads to a reduction of periodic upsets and downtime. All wastewater treatment operations are enhanced and running at optimal level. BioWave BR-O saves time and money and keeps the industrial users below today’s government-required effluent discharge standards.

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Animal cultivation and rearing operations

Raising livestock such as cattle, chickens, turkeys, horses and other animals causes great amounts of fecal material, so called “Agricultural Wastewater”. While fecal material from livestock cultivation seldom makes its way into wastewater treatment plants, the final destination is the same: the environment. Each operation presents its own set of unique waste challenges for both the owner and the environment. BioWave™ BR-O can be applied to the collection pit or in diluted form it can be used as spray around livestock housing and holding areas for significant odour control and reduction in insects attracted to the smell of livestock waste. Overall, this makes the product an economical solution for the disposal of livestock waste and a safe and natural way to manage manure.

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Restaurants, food preparation and processing facilities

In restaurants or food preparation operations many materials such as food washing residue, cooking splatter, cooking spillage, dishwashing, as well as wall and floor cleaning materials are being put into the drain system and collected in so called “Grease Traps”. These food materials, especially Fats, Oils, Grease (FOG), contribute to wastewater collection difficulties by blocking the lines and causing odour which ultimately impacts the user. When used, BioWave™ BR-O reduces the grease volume and the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which is the reason for the odour. Our beneficial microbes produce enzymes which digest not only FOG, but also starch and protein under a variety of temperature conditions. This means less line clogging, less grease trap pumping and lower BOD and TSS values in the effluent leaving the grease trap.

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Soil, groundwater and surface water contamination

Contaminants such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline) and chlorinated solvents are posing a great risk and hazard to the environment when finding their way into soil, groundwater or surface water either by accident or by being deposited there purposefully. Sources for contamination could be household or commercial cleaning activities, industrial activities, gasoline collection ponds from parking areas, industrial or emergency oil spills. BioWave™ BR-O uses specially selected microbes with known degradation capabilities targeted to the particular environmental contamination. Our microbial blends with special “appetites” for a variety of contaminants are designed to get the contamination clean and back to a “natural state” completely. They facilitate a “bio” cleanup using the power of microbes and over time, the contaminating material is converted to innocuous carbon dioxide and water, thereby returning the soil, groundwater or surface water to “clean” standards.


Model NumberDescription
BioWave BR-O - 1L1L bottle of liquid BioWave BR-O
BioWave BR-O - 4L4L bottle of liquid BioWave BR-O
BioWave BR-O - 5L5L bottle of liquid BioWave BR-O
BioWave BR-O - 10L10L bottle of liquid BioWave BR-O
BioWave BR-O - 104L104L barrel of liquid BioWave BR-O
BioWave BR-O - 208L208L barrel of liquid BioWave BR-O
BioWave BR-O - Tote 110 Gal110 Gal. bulk tote of liquid BioWave BR-O
BioWave BR-O - Tote 275 Gal275 Gal. bulk tote of liquid BioWave BR-O

Other BioWave Products

BioWave ABSEnhanced growth of many leafy vegetables and root crops. Enhanced growth of many flowering plants. Home and commercial lawn application for general health and potentially reduced fertiliser needs. Golf course greens, fairway and landscape amendment for healthy root systems and potentially reduced fertiliser needs.
BioWave CSDAgricultural field stubble reduction of many crops. Landfill green waste reduction operations. Home and commercial composting operations. Home lawn biological de-thatching of grass.
BioWave 101Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in soil, sludge, surface water and groundwater. Treatment of oily wash-water from heavy equipment, truck, bus and auto washing operations. Treatment of producing oil wells experiencing problems associated with paraffin accumulation. Reduction of hydrogen sulfide in gas wells. Other applications.
BioWave 201Wastewater treatment at citrus processors, chemical manufacturers, clothing manufacturers and pesticide and herbicide manufacturers. Agricultural residuals reduction of certain pesticides and herbicides. Equipment washing at golf courses and similar operations that utilise pesticides and herbicides.
BioPelletsGrey water treatment and septic tank treatment.


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