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ProLine™ ProLine

Long lasting, easy to install borehole riser pipe

ProLine Series

A high quality and unique alternative for conventional steel pipes, ProLine™ Series pipes are high-tensile, high-impact uPVC threaded pipe – commonly known as riser pipes or column pipes for submersible pumps. 

Proline™ riser pipes are an excellent alternative to galvanized or steel pipes as they are 100% corrosion resistant and bacteria free.  Featuring 100% leak-proof and water tight joints, the ProLine™ Series is the ideal solution for bore well and deep submersible pump delivery.  Installed between the pump at the bottom of a well and the surface, ProLine™ pipes can be assembled easily without the need for sophisticated installation tools.

Proline™ riser pipes are differentiated from other pipes on the market due to the use of the exclusive Power Lock and LPR design.  The triple function Power Lock adds additional support to the axial load, prevents the opening of pipe joints and works as an additional safety feature.   The Leak Proof Ring (LPR) adds additional sealing points within the coupling in combination with the traditional O-rings.

Lightweight but not compromising on strength, the ProLine™ features biaxial orientation, increased wall thickness and is perfectly aligned resulting in stronger, stress free pipe.

Features & Benefits

Column Pipes That Are Made To Last

ProLine™ pipes are produced using a proprietary uPVC (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) formulation. The formulation ensures that the pipes have both high tensile and high-impact strength which in return make the pipes capable of handling both the internal hydrostatic pressure as well as the huge vertical tensile load resulting from the water column and pump weight.

The hydrostatic pressure in the pipe is the highest in the first pipe connected to the pump and can run as high as 35 kg/cm2. On the other hand, the top most pipe has to bear the load of the entire column filled with water along with the weight of the pipe. This total can be close to 2 tons.

Bi-Axial Orientation

To make the ProLine™ pipes as strong as possible, the molecules are orientated in two axes during the extrusion of the pipes by simultaneously extruding and rotating. The molecules then intersect, creating additional bonds between them. This realignment of the uPVC strands increases the drop and notch impact resistance and strength of the pipes.

ProLine™ PVC

PVC Molecule

ProLine™ Interlocking PVC molecules

Intersecting, joined PVC Molecules

Product Certifications

ProLine™ CE




Product CodeTypeNo. of pipes/ packWall Thickness [mm]Avg. Outer Diameter [mm]Ultimate Breaking Load [kg]Safe Pulling Load With Chain Pulley [kg]Safe Allowable Hydraullic Pressure [kg/cm2]Safe Total Pump Delivery Head [ft]Net Weight [kg]
End SideMiddle Barrel Side
Nominal Size 1” / 25 mm
uPVC-MED-1.00-PLMedium254. ± 0.101250750164501.42
uPVC-STD-1.00-PLStandard255. ± 0.1019001100309001.93
Nominal Size 1 ¼” / 32 mm
uPVC-MED-1.25-PLMedium254. ± 0.1018001100154001.95
uPVC-STD-1.25-PLStandard256. ± 0.1025501500257502.47
uPVC-HVY-1.25-PLHeavy257. ± 0.10310018003510503.35
Nominal Size 1½"” / 40 mm
uPVC-MED-1.50-PLMedium205. ± 0.1025001300154002.40
uPVC-STD-1.50-PLStandard206. ± 0.1029501700267503.15
uPVC-HVY-1.50-PLHeavy208. ± 0.10400024003510504.10
Nominal Size 2” / 50 mm
uPVC-MED-2.00-PLMedium155. ± 0.1524501450153703.05
uPVC-STD-2.00-PLStandard156. ± 0.1536002100257003.90
uPVC-HVY-2.00-PLHeavy107. ± 0.1547002800279004.90
uPVC-SHVY-2.00-PLSuper Heavy109. ± 0.15560033503511006.25
Nominal Size 2½” / 65 mm
uPVC-MED-2.50-PLMedium105. ± 0.1531001800122953.95
uPVC-STD-2.50-PLStandard106. ± 0.1546502700175504.95
uPVC-HVY-2.50-PLHeavy109. ± 0.1570004200267507.10
uPVC-SHVY-2.50-PLSuper Heavy1010.811.58.68.875.2 ± 0.15900053003511008.80
Nominal Size 3” / 80 mm
uPVC-MED-3.00-PLMedium55. ± 0.1544502600112705.45
uPVC-STD-3.00-PLStandard57. ± 0.1568004000175006.55
uPVC-HVY-3.00-PLHeavy59.810.37.57.988.0 ± 0.1596005650267509.30
uPVC-SHVY-3.00-PLSuper Heavy512.413.09.710.588.0 ± 0.1512400730035110013.15
Nominal Size 4” / 100 mm
uPVC-MED-4.00-PLMedium46. ± 0.1568004000112707.50
uPVC-STD-4.00-PLStandard48. ± 0.151000057001550010.45
uPVC-HVY-4.00-PLHeavy412.212.89.610.1113.0 ± 0.151600093502670015.10
uPVC-SHVY-4.00-PLSuper Heavy415.816.413.313.7113.0 ± 0.15185001150035110021.50
Nominal Size 5” / 125 mm
uPVC-STD-5.00-PLStandard311.512.08.79.1139.8 ± 0.151600090001652518.70
uPVC-HVY-5.00-PLHeavy315.516.011.512.0139.8 ± 0.1524600112002789023.70
uPVC-SHVY-5.00-PLSuper Heavy319.620.016.517.0139.8 ± 0.15311001370040115031.00
Nominal Size 6” / 150 mm
uPVC-HVY-6.00-PLHeavy216.517.012.012.5167.8 ± 0.1527500131002995029.60
uPVC-SHVY-6.00-PLSuper Heavy220.821.326.026.5167.8 ± 0.15392001550040115037.30

Note: Minor dimensional variations may occur


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