Pump Applications

The PressureWave™ series are superior quality, versatile pressure tanks.  Models are available from 2 to 150 liters, with a maximum working pressure of 10 bar, making them ideal for a range  of applications.

The Challenger™ range of carbon steel tanks are available from 60 to 450 liters, with a maximum pressure of 10 or 8.6 bar (for tanks sold to NPT markets).  Ideally suited to a wide range of applications including booster systems, thermal expansion, heating expansion, irrigation systems and hydraulic hammer arresting.

The C2Lite CAD™ series tanks are lightweight and high quality, offering maximum working pressures of 8.6 bar.  With no corrosive parts, the C2Lite CAD™ series tanks are appropriate for demanding environments, and ideally suited for coastal, marine and other locations where metal tanks are not suitable.

The SuperFlow™ series of tanks come with replaceable membranes and offer capacities of up to 10,000 liters, with maximum working pressures of up to 25 bar.  Applications include booster systems, heating expansion, irrigation systems and hammer arresting in high-rise and multi-story buildings such as hotels, hospitals and business centers.