Water Treatment

The C2Lite UT™ series offers a range of lightweight composite utility tanks designed to withstand years of tough conditions. Ideally suited to commercial and residential applications, the C2Lite-UT™ series is available in a range of sizes and can be installed with optional accessories such as air volume control kits and air injectors making it suitable for various applications including water storage, contact, hydro pneumatic and degassing.

The MixMaster™ series of baffle tanks are highly effective contact tanks designed for use in chemical dosing disinfection systems.  Available in 300 and 450 liter models, the MixMaster™ series features an internal baffle chamber which helps to ensure uniform mixing and sufficient disinfectant contact time to meet stringent standards set by health agencies such as the EPA.  With a baffle factor of 0.6, fewer tanks are required to maintain a 4-log treatment at 10 minutes of contact time.

The RoWave™ (Reverse Osmosis) range of vessels are designed for storing reverse osmosis treated water and are suitable for domestic and light commercial applications.

The SpringTech™ series represents an exclusive range of composite FRP vessels with a patented built-in distribution system, known as Vortech®.  This revolutionary new technology offers an innovative and efficient solution for traditional water softeners and media filtration systems that require regular backwashing.  The Vortech® system ensures optimum tank efficiency, while facilitating quicker backwash cycles using less water and reduced pressure drop.

Signature Series control valves feature a user-friendly interface combined with intelligent programming.  These valves are perfect for residential applications and are the smart choice for water treatment specialists and system installers looking for a high quality, easy to program softener or media filter automatic valve.

The One Cartridge™ series is a cost-effective and efficient high flow filtration solution for domestic, light commercial and industrial applications. Featuring multiple filter cartridge options that are simple to install and replace, the One Cartridge™ tank is lightweight and can be configured for various applications including pretreatment for high flow commercial RO systems to stand-alone filter systems to residential point of entry filter solutions for whole house filtration.

The PolyUF™ from Global Water Solutions is a back washable ultra-filtration system.  With its four bundles of hollow fiber membranes, the Poly-UF is designed to treat colloids, bacteria, cysts, viruses, turbidity, tannins and other particles down to a size of 0.02 microns. At service flow rates of up to 12 gpm, the system can be used as a final polishing stage, or on water reclamation systems for rain or grey water, or as a stand-alone filtration system giving end users peace of mind.

Global Water Solutions’ domestic filter range consists of premium quality housings, melt blown polypropylene sediment filters, as well as activated carbon cartridges and inline filters.