Signature Valves

User Friendly & Highly Intelligent Control Valves

Signature Series
Control Valves

  • Available in single or dual tank solutions
  • Easy to program
  • High flowrate, low pressure drop

Global Water Solutions supplies a range of Control Valves for water softening and media filtration applications.  All valves feature user-friendly interface combined with highly intelligent programming which helps solve hardness of water in any residential or light commercial application.  The unique design offers reduced pressure drop which in turn improves flow rate and the overall performance of the system.

Signature Series™

The Signature Series™ Valve features programming ease and options which not only increase efficiency, but save salt and water.  Featuring fully adjustable cycles, a durable Noryl valve body, downflow and upflow regenerations and timed brine refill. 

Options include a bypass valve in either Noryl or stainless steel, a back wash filter and meter.

Features & Benefits

  • 12 VDC
  • 5 cycles, all fully adjustable
  • Durable Noryl® valve body
  • Programming ease and options increase efficiency, save salt and water
  • Downflow and upflow regenerations
  • Timed brine refill
  • 9V battery backup
  • Cover simply slides off for easy maintenance
  • Bluetooth-enabled circuit board that can connect to most Apple or Android smart phones and tablets with Legacy View installed app

Options include:

  • Bypass valve in either Noryl or stainless steel
  • Back wash filter
  • Meter and time clock initiated regeneration

Signature Duplex Series™

The Signature Duplex Series™ Valve is a patent-pending dual valve system, featuring proven technology and performance.  The system utilizes two subordinate valves that are controlled via a master valve that is programmed to switch between valves during the backwash and regeneration cycles, ensuring continuous soft water for the home owner.

Signature Duplex Series™ Features & Benefits

  • 12 VDC operation
  • Salt & water savings by using 100% capacity of the tank in service, before switching to the second tank
  • Regenerates immediately when needed for continuous soft water
  • Regenerates with soft water and keeps system clean for optimum operating efficiency and minimum maintenance
  • Corrosion-free Noryl® valve body
  • Simple to service and maintain
  • Displays current flow rate
  • 9-volt battery back-up will motor valve to shut off positions and keeps meter active during power failure
  • No time clock to set
  • Adjustable cycles
  • Noryl or stainless steel bypass options available

Product Certifications






Signature Metered Softener Valve Less Bypass 2.0 DLFC


Signature Duplex Valve Less Bypass 2.0 DLFC


3/4 in Stainless Steel Bypass


1 in Stainless Steel Bypass


Plastic Bypass & Yoke


Flow Control Button 1.2 GPM


Flow Control Button 1.5 GPM


Flow Control Button 2.0 GPM


Flow Control Button 2.4 GPM


Flow Control Button 3.0 GPM


Flow Control Button 3.5 GPM


Flow Control Button 4.0 GPM


Flow Control Button 5.0 GPM


Flow Control Button 6.0 GPM


Flow Control Button 7.0 GPM