Premium Quality

GAC Media Cartridges

  • Available as traditional granular activated carbon filter or with 2-in-1 BL@CKFREE™ technology
  • For use with standard 10" filter housings
  • Temperature Range: 40 - 100°F (4.4 – 37.8°C)
  • Lengths available: 9-3/4” or 9-7/8”

Our premium quality media cartridges are perfect for use as:

  • Ideally suited for chlorine taste and odor reduction
  • Can be used as a standalone water filter or as prefilter for water purifiers and other water filtration systems

Features & Benefits

  • 100% pure coconut shell activated carbon - No recycled carbon
  • IDV (Iodine number) of 1000 for improved chlorine removal efficiency
  • Bacteria resistant PET pads
  • All parts are friction welded - No glue used
  • Top mounted thermoplastic gasket
  • BL@CKFREE™ cartridges supplied with internal 5 micron post filter

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